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Safety Culture Ladder Webtool

The Safety Culture Ladder is a certification scheme for the purpose of assessing, measuring and continuously improving safety awareness and safety-conscious working practices. With the Safety Culture Ladder, NEN has also developed a Safety Culture Ladder Webtool. Companies can easily use this webtool to formulate a self-declaration. The webtool is what is known as a SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire). By answering questions, you can see which rung of the ladder your company is on.

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Structure of questionnaire

This questionnaire for the Safety Culture Ladder self-declaration (SAQ) is drawn up in accordance with the Safety Culture Ladder certification scheme. The six aspects of company organization are the main subjects of the questionnaire: Leadership and commitment, Policy and strategy, Organization and contractors, Workplace and procedures, Deviations and communication and Audits and statistics

Each main subject (aspect of company organization) has a number of secondary subjects (characteristics). The main subject and secondary subject are given with each question.

The questionnaire has 233 questions. When creating a questionnaire, you can indicate the step for which you wish to be certified. The respondents are then only given the questions for that step (and also for the lower steps) to answer. You can stop and save at any time, and then continue later.

The questionnaire contains multiple-choice questions. Each question is a statement with two or four possible answers. There are yes/no questions and questions for which you have to choose whether they are completely, mostly, partly or not at all applicable to your organization.

For each question, there is a comments field. If you wish, you can use this to comment on your answer. To the right of each question there is an explanation of the question.

Disclaimer for the French and Norwegian version

The translations of the questions in this tool have been provided by third parties. The translations should be regarded as informative. NEN is therefore not responsible for possible text errors or misinterpretations.

You can view the French and Norwegian translations in questionnaires created since September 25, 2019. Questionnaires created before this date don’t contain these translations.

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